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brake pedal vibration

Does your brake pedal vibrate when you apply pressure at certain speeds?

steering wheel shake

Does your steering wheel shake when you apply pressure to the brake pedal?

bed-in brakes

Are you fed up of being told to ‘bed-in’ your brakes after taking them to the garage?

lower your bills

Do you want to lower your service bills when you take your car to the garage?

Welcome to the
Skim My Discs website

The aim of this site is:

to help drivers find service centres where they can get the right brake expertise
to explain the facts
about brake problems
and solutions

This site is maintained by Haweka UK, official distributor of Pro-Cut on-car brake lathes, the best on-vehicle disc skimming machines in the world. We have over 12 years experience in machining brake discs directly on the car and solving drivers' problems.

Brake disc skimming with a Pro-Cut machine will...

  • Stop brake pedal pulsation, juddering, squeaks and squeals
  • Improve braking performance on your vehicle - increasing safety whilst driving
  • Save money on your vehicle service.

Some More Important Facts...

  • The Pro-Cut process works on all types of metal discs: solid, vented, drilled, grooved, front and rear, on all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.
  • Brake pedal pulsation results from uneven wear of brake discs. This is caused by very slight mis-alignment of the discs and/or the vehicle hubs, known technically as "run-out". The Pro-Cut lathe overcomes this problem by machining the disc directly on the vehicle.