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The Jag Garage recommends Procut

The Jag Garage recommends Procut

Central Garage in Snaith, ( originally established in 1928 and simply known locally as "The Jag Garage", has been around for over 40 years. Passing through three generations of the family, it has evolved into a fully equipped diagnostic garage specialising in Jags and Landrovers. Andrew Hannah and his team at the Jag Garage have a reputation for honesty and pragmatism when repairing vehicles (needed when fixing old jaguars!) and like to provide customers with good old fashioned top quality all round service and great value for money.

When servicing customers brake systems, Andrew found that he was having to replace brake discs that still had plenty of life left in them, but suffered from ‘warped disc syndrome*’. This was costing his customers money and taking up his technicians valuable time. He felt there must be a better option and that’s when he found out about the Pro Cut brake disc skimming system.

Andrew was given a very comprehensive demonstration by the Pro-Cut tech team, and could instantly see the benefits of the machine. Skimming discs on the wheel meant he could cure brake vibration quickly, accurately and permanently. Great news for thrifty customers and, most importantly, time saved in the workshop to get on with other pressing jobs.

Andrew had this to say about his experiences of the ProCut brake lathe:

As a long-standing and experienced ProCut user, I would gladly recommend the brake lathe to a prospective new user. It allows us to offer a really great service to our customers. The machine itself is of excellent quality, easy to set up and easy to use. It has paid for itself three times over already! The technical backup we get from Pro-Cut is also excellent.

The ProCut lathe has clearly been a great asset at The Jag Garage with a good return on investment. Everyone who knows Andrew and his team knows he would not offer this service unless he really believed in the results he gets.


* Warped Discs generally refers to discs with Disc Thickness Variation (DVT) caused by disc run-out. This occurs when a disc is not aligned with the wheel hub, and wears unevenly, leading to brake vibration. The discs are not really warped, but it’s a term we often hear used by the motorist in the street. On-wheel brake skimming is the only way to permanently correct this problem. Brake manufacturer EBC recommend all new discs are skimmed when fitted to a vehicle (

EBC brakes recommend Pro-cut

EBC brakes recommend Pro-cut

Quality control and runout with EBC Brake Discs

EBC manufacture high quality brake discs (called rotors in the US) and ensure each one is tested thoroughly before shipping. Check out their web page that tells you just how much precision goes into their finishing process and just what quality control they employ. Of course, some people find that their new disc doesn't run true and blame the manufacturer. EBC have this to say about runout:

"...If during install you notice runout on your car it will surely be due to a chassis alignment [issue] that happens on one in seven cars, usually caused by nudging a kerb or hitting a pothole in the road earlier in driving the vehicle. This is ONLY cured by aligning the rotors on a Pro Cut lathe...."

You can find that page here: and the info is in the 'product information' box at the bottom of the page.

Will skimming my discs eliminate brake vibration?

Will skimming my discs eliminate brake vibration?

The simple answer is YES in virtually every case. Matching the brake disc to the vehicle aligns the braking system, curing brake vibration.

Here's Why: When a service centre matches your brake discs to your vehicle, they are eliminating all lateral run-out (a fancy term for wobble) down to less than the thickness of a human hair. In simple terms, the disc wears evenly from this moment on.

Why is that important? Because when a brake disc doesn't spin true (or wobbles), it will contact the brake pads twice each revolution, on opposite faces to the disc, resulting in uneven wear EVEN when your foot isn't on the brake pedal. This wear will cause the brake disc thickness to become uneven (so called warping) and cause unwanted pedal pulsation and vibration when you brake. This can affect overall performance of the braking system, which is obviously best avoided for both safety and financial reasons.

What can be done? Use our Service Centre location page to find a local pro-cut on-wheel brake disc skimming garage. Get your discs machined on the wheel for a perfect finish. Always do this if you have new discs fitted to ensure new discs wear evenly. This simple measure will help prevent vibration in the future as the disc wears down.

Disc Skimming Myths - BUSTED!

Disc Skimming Myths - BUSTED!

MYTH: Brake disc skimming makes discs too thin.

FACT: If a set of discs was too thin in the first place they should be replaced. We’d never argue with that. But…. the machining process removes only the tiniest slice. Pro-Cut’s on-car brake lathe shaves off typically just 0.3 to 0.5mm of total disc thickness. So if there was at least this amount of material left on the disc, skimming it is not a problem.

MYTH: Brake disc skimming doesn't solve brake judder.

FACT: Pro-Cut PFM machines have been around since 1999. Since then they've been tested and approved by almost every vehicle manufacturer, because they solve brake vibration problems. With some makes of vehicle it’s mandatory for the dealership to have the machine.

MYTH: You don’t need to skim discs on the car.

FACT: Yes you do! You can skim brake discs off the car, using a bench lathe. But why would you want to spend time removing the disc and then refitting it? And more importantly, off-car machining doesn't take account of any hub run-out or unwanted particles between mating surfaces. You must make sure the disc is actually matched to the hub to which it’s fitted, meaning that the disc has to be machined on the car.

MYTH: There are lots of vehicles whose brake discs can’t be skimmed.

FACT: With their hub-mounted design, Pro-Cut brake lathes can skim any disc on any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. This includes all front and rear discs, solid, vented, cross-drilled and slotted discs.

MYTH: Disc skimming is long and arduous.

FACT: With Pro-Cut the process is amazingly easy and quick- just 9 minutes per disc. After removing the brake pads it’s just 4 simple steps: (1) Attach a hub adapter in place of the wheel (2) Connect the Pro-Cut lathe to the adapter (3) Press the auto-adjustment button (4) Cut the disc.

Solving Corrosion Problems

Pro-Cut improves brake performance by removing corroded disc surfaces. This gives 100% contact area between discs and pads, solves imbalance problems and improves driver safety.

Winter brings a host of braking problems for drivers. Cars often fail MOTs due to poor braking efficiency or imbalance. Disc corrosion is often at fault and can be solved by a simple skim with the Pro-Cut lathe, working directly on the car. These pictures show a Mercedes AMG rear disc before and after machining.

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